Information About Our Decants

WhatsMyScent is in no way affiliated with the design houses represented on this page. We are not licensed re-sellers of their products.

We have purchased in large quantities from licensed distributors the original, authentic fragrances. Our process is to 'split' the original fragrances in to smaller quantities and resell them as 'hand-decanted' fragrances. 

As a purchaser, you will NOT be receiving the original manufacturer's packaging or bottling. Your purchase will be fulfilled in our glass spray atomizers, marked as 'hand-decanted' with a label indicating what the contents are inside the bottle.

We make no claims that the original body and notes of the fragrance will be maintained during this decanting process. While we believe our decant samples are a terrific value for your money, we encourage you to purchase the original design house fragrance from a licensed distributor if you want to fully guarantee that you are going to experience the scent in it's original form.