About Our Bottles

Want the ultimate fragrance collection? Ready to try a $500 fragrance? Read on:

What is a decanted fragrance?:

A decanted fragrance is simply a full bottle of authentic perfume/cologne that has been divided into smaller amounts. Our decanted fragrances come in glass bottles that are professionally labeled. You will be proud to display them in your fragrance collection. All of our bottles are labeled as 'hand-decanted'. We have no affiliation with the original design house. 

Why buy decanted fragrance?:

People buy our decants for two primary reasons:

  • Trials: Decants are a less expensive alternative to buying an enormous bottle of a fragrance that you may not like. Some of today's most popular scents can run over $400 for a bottle! Wouldn't you like to test drive a scent with that kind of a price tag? Most of our customers agree that decants are a smart investment. Many times our customers go on to purchase a full bottle of a fragrance after they have tried our sample decants. 
  • Collections: If you were to purchase full bottles of every cologne fragrance we decant, it would run in the thousands of dollars. Our customers realize that buying decants of multiple varieties means they are covered for every occasion that life can throw at them for a fraction of the cost of buying full sized bottles.  

What size are your bottles?:

Going forward on all new inventory, all of our 5ml and 10ml bottles are shipped in 10ml atomizer bottles.  

You will find the 5ml amount does NOT come to exactly half of the 10ml bottle. This is by design of the 10ml bottle. It actually holds 11-12ml if completely full and the extra air-space is required for the atomizer to work properly. Rest assured that we have properly metered the proper amount of fragrance in to each bottle.  

There can be variances in the actual dimensions of the bottles depending on our suppliers. However, the content has always been measured to the proper amount.

How many sprays can I expect per size?:

  • 5ML in a 10ml Spray Atomizer = Around 75 Sprays
  • 10ML in a 10ml Spray Atomizer = Around 150 Sprays

Are your bottles labeled?:

Each bottle is labeled with the name of the scent. We strive to make the appearance of our bottles something you will proudly display with the rest of your fragrance collection.

See a sample image of our 10ml bottle:

How are the bottles packaged?:

Each bottle has a shrink band applied to the cap prior to shipping. The bottles are wrapped and securely shipped in a cardboard shipping box so they will arrive to you in perfect condition. We take great measures in our packaging to minimize the chance of damage in transit. 

We have hundreds of orders from satisfied customers to help you decide if WhatsMyScent.com should be your destination for your decant needs.