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Spicebomb Extreme


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Spicebomb Extreme
Spicebomb Extreme
Spicebomb Extreme

Read more about our decant sample of Spicebomb Extreme:

An extreme version of on of the best cologne's available today!

Seductive. Intense. Overly sexy. Approach at your own risk.

Spicebomb Extreme is an explosive composition highlighting aromatic lavender in a unique way—by mixing it with caraway and black pepper. The fragrance leaves a trail of hotness above masculine shades of tobacco and subtle, comfortable vanilla for a fiery interpretation of the original scent.

One of the hottest, sexiest scents we have in our store!!

Our decant trial sized samples of Spicebomb Extreme come in 2 convenient sizes:

  • 5ml - ~75 Sprays
  • 10ml - ~150 Sprays (best value!