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Homme Intense


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Homme Intense
Homme Intense
Homme Intense cologne scent notes

Read more about our sample of Dior's Homme Intense cologne:

ABOUT THE SCENT: From the respected house of Christian Dior comes Homme Intense. This is THE scent for a refined gentleman. Starts out with a bit of floral but dries down to powdery scent. Definitely will play better during the fall / winter months. Save this one for the important occasions where you must impress. This is a top 10 signature scent. Sexuality in a bottle. Is it your scent...most likely it is!

FROM THE MANUFACTURERA masculine Iris. A sexy signature enhanced with masculine woody notes for subtle and rare sophistication. Dior Homme is worn like a sleek and elegantly modern suit, leaving behind the immediately recognizable woody and spicy trail of elegance.

Our decant trial sized samples come in 3 convenient sizes:

  • 1ml Vial - Non-spraying (for skin dabbing)
  • 5ml - ~75 Sprays
  • 10ml - ~150 Sprays (best value!


Legal Info: is in no way affiliated with the manufacturer of the product described. Our process is simply to purchase authentic fragrances in large quantities, divide them up in to smaller doses, and hand decant them in to stylish glass spray bottles. You will be receiving authentic cologne/perfume in the size of your choosing without the original manufacturer's bottle or packaging. 

We believe this is a terrific way for you to try as many scents as you like or even build the ultimate fragrance collection for pennies on the dollar!