YSL La Nuit Review

Product Description from Yves Saint Laurent:

Bright, masculine freshness combines with sophistication and nonchalance to create a fresh, yet deep and mysterious scent with notes of cardamom, cedar, and coumarin—a structure of contrasting forces. A story of intensity, bold sensuality, and seduction that lies half-way between restraint and abandon.

About the House:

Like many of the most popular sent makers today, Yves Saint Laurent was better known for his fashion designs. It's a natural progression for these designers to branch in to the fragrance market after a successful design career. Lending his name to multiple fragrances for men and women, Saint Laurent enjoyed massive success until his death in 2008. His name lives on today with some of the most popular fragrances across both genders. 

About La Nuit De L'Homme:

SCENT: This is truly a fresh, oriental scent. Don't let that description fool you. It wears extremely well on men across all social classes. Sensual and warm, this one is best worn for a special night out on the town. It is an inviting fragrance with a mysterious ending.  

LONGEVITY: This will be an individual reaction depending on your skin chemistry. I personally find that La Nuit is noticible within 5-6 feet for around 8-10 hours after applying. You honestly can't ask for more than this from a cologne. The sillage is nice without being too strong. It leaves enough of a trail that you WILL get questioned about the scent from the first morning spray until the evening.   

Final Rating:

WMS Rating: 9.6 out of 10

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"....this one is mine. got it yesterday and I wore it today. smelled it all day on my shirt. gf like it to. nice bottle that i can take to the gym."

"....love it. I wear it to work. I wear it on dates. I wear it everywhere. It works everywhere all the time."

"....Received 5ml on Thursday. Definitely works for cold nights. Its strong without being too much."

Buy Now:

If you'd like to try YSL La Nuit for yourself,you can find it in our store at an affordable price. Treat yourself to a decant of this oriental masterpiece and get ready for the compliments to pour in!