Why buy a fragrance decant?

Imagine, if you will, that you are the type of person who doesn't have just one signature scent, rather you have a perfect scent for your body chemistry. Now suppose this new-found perfect scent changes with the weather, environment, or social situation. Truth be told, this is every one of us.

No one alive today has one fragrance that fits every facet of their lives. Work, going out with friends, relaxing at home...these occasions all cry out for smelling your best; but what is THE perfect scent? 

Ahhhh....enter the exciting, fast-paced, high-energy world of fragrance decants. Perhaps that description is a bit "over the top" but you'll soon understand why decants are the perfect choice for almost every scent-loving individual walking our streets today whether they know it or not.

Ok, I'm listening...but what is a decant?:

In the simplest terms, a fragrance decant is simply a perfume or cologne that has been divided up in to smaller doses. That $500 dollar bottle of Creed cologne or $450 bottle of Channel perfume that once seemed unattainable is offered in smaller sizes making them magically attainable. At WhatsMyScent.com we offer decant fragrances from 45 sprays to 150 sprays per bottle! 

So the price is cheaper, what else?:

Due to the cheaper price, we can purchase many, many decants of fine fragrances and pick just the perfect scent to match our many activities. Going to the gym? Throw a 3ml bottle in your bag. Date night? Why not freshen up your scent in the restroom in between dinner and dessert? You will be able to have a collection of high-end fragrances without the thousands of dollars needed to build the collection. This is exactly why we say 'don't break the bank trying to smell like a million bucks!'

Ok, I'm sold (we hope). What now?:

Please visit our decant store and pick out your fragrance(s) today! We offer decants from Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Creed, Viktor&Rolf, and many more. We have new scents added weekly.

One of the biggest compliments we hear from our first time customers is our turn-around time from ordering to shipping is extremely fast. This has been a big complaint about some of the more popular businesses that specialize in decants. Let's face it, we've all come to expect our purchases to arrive as quickly as possible in the 21st century. We take pride in the fact that our customers notice our processing speed and hope that you will as well. 

If you are ready, please click to visit our store!