Where do you buy your cologne samples?

Buying Your Cologne Samples Somewhere Else? You might be making a mistake...

Just take a look at our reviews:

"Legit products, quick delivery, only “complaint/suggestion” would be more selections but let’s not get greedy! Highly recommend."

"I have heard a lot about Acqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani, and What's My Scent provides the perfect way to test upper end frangrances for men and women, without investing in something that ends up not being right for that particular individual. For several reasons I would like to recommend this company. First, the decanted cologne that I ordered is not only a great way to find out if that particular fragrance suits me (it does!) 2. the size of the bottles is perfect for traveling or keeping at the office. 3. My order arrived very quickly, in spite of the fact that it was a holiday week-end. It was well packaged, and professionally labeled. I am very pleased with every aspect of this order, and I would recommend the company to others."
"After searching for a reasonably priced fragrance company, and being disappointed most of the time with the ones I tried, I became a first time customer of WMS. 
Iam very happy with how things have turned out. Excellent price , honest description of the product I was looking for, a quality spray dispenser that won't fall apart after the second spritz, and an incredibly fast delivery time. I will be ordering again. If you're looking for any of the above give What's My Scent a try."
This is a small sample of our positive feedback that we receive daily. Why are we pleasing so many customers? Why do we have a 84% reorder rate?
  1. Speed of shipping - Our decant samples ship very, very quickly. This is the biggest complaint that we have seen with our competitors. People are waiting days or up to a week for their order to even ship! Depending on when your order is placed, we make every effort to get your order out the SAME DAY!
  2. Bottles - This one seems easy but it's not. You'll find inferior atomizers being sold on Ebay and other places across the 'net. If you are investing your hard-earned money in fragrance decants, why wouldn't you expect the container to be top notch? Some of our fragrances are over $400 for a full bottle, why bottle them in a cheap sprayer? We only decant our cologne and perfume in stylish, rugged bottles that you will be proud to display. They can stand up to a trip to the gym, office, or club. 
  3. Customer Service - Seems like this point is lost on most people in the 21st century. You really should expect that a company tends to your needs. We are there for you as you make a decision on what fragrance to buy. Just use our contact form and we will get back to you promptly!
  4. Cost - We challenge our customers to search the internet to see if they are getting the absolute rock-bottom prices on their decants. We spend a good portion of our time scouring the competition to make sure we are indeed the lowest priced option. We know that once you order your samples from us, you will be back! 

Four simple reasons (out of many more) why we believe that if you are shopping for your cologne and perfume samples anywhere else, you might be making a huge mistake.

Give WhatsMyScent.com a chance to earn your business. All of our satisfied customers can't be wrong!