What Is a Cologne Decant? The Process Explained

You might not have ever heard of the term 'decant' in relation to cologne. Read on to find out more.

The theory behind decant cologne is actually quite simple but you might not have ever though of it before. We at WhatsMyScent.com specialize in decants so we might take for granted that everyone knows what it means. Let us educate you:

What is a decant?:

Decanting is simple. It is the process of taking from a larger quantity of an item and dividing it in to smaller doses. More specifically related to colognes, decanting means to pour from a larger bottle to a smaller bottle. 

Our decants come from a manufacturer's bottle (often very expensive!) and is transferred to smaller, styling bottles bearing our labels. 

Speaking of labels, how are your decants labeled?:

Our process has remained steadfast for some time now although our bottling process changes from time to time. Currently, we decant all of our cologne samples in 10ml bottles with a professional label informing the customer what has been 'hand decanted' in to the bottle. Our bottles are solid glass with a strong spray and a stylish gold cap. We match the bottle styling with a black and gold label for continuity. We really believe that you will be happy to have our decants sitting on your counter or nightstand!

Ok, decanting makes sense to me now, but why wouldn't I just buy a full bottle?

Stop by your local Wal-Mart and pick our your favorite scent. We won't stop you! But, if you dive deep in the world of cologne, you will quickly discover that some of the hottest scents on the market can run upwards of $300 - $400 a bottle! Shocking?

There are some terrific colognes for $40. There are some fabulous, other-worldly scents that come in close to $500 a bottle. You won't find these at your corner store but you might have smelled them on a stranger. That is the beauty of cologne decants.

If there was ever a place where "try before you buy" came in to play, it is the high-dollar world of fragrance. Some of our scents you won't even find unless you are at a boutique in New York City. Some of these scents are so exclusive, you will not find them at your local "spray counter". 

Is cologne really worth $500 a bottle?: 

This is really a personal preference. We all wore Drakkar Noir, right? It's ok to admit it. It was a fabulous cologne at an affordable price. You wore it proudly...along with a million other people!

For true originality, you will have to shop a bit outside the norm. If you want the cologne scent that people on the street will ask you about, you might want to consider a high-dollar cologne in a cheap decant bottle. Most of the samples on our site are real 'head-turners'. We can almost guarantee unlimited attention with most of our scents. 

I've bought the decant, I love the scent, now what?:

Maybe you found your scent and we are happy for you! Go out and purchase the full manufacturer's bottle. Be proud that you know exactly who you are and what your signature scent is! 

It is more common that people find that they don't have 'ONE' true scent. Each occasion and season in life usually calls for a different cologne. Here is another beauty of cologne samples. You are not going to be 'locked-in' to just one scent.  

Many of our customers have 10 to 20 cologne decants stocked at any time. Have you ever bought an air freshener that smelled amazing day 1 but faded with time? The scent is still there but you have adapted to it. Why not have multiple cologne decants at the ready to combat this? 

This has been a rather lengthy explanation of the cologne decant process and the reasoning behind it. We hope that you see the 'power' of buying decants and will have a look around our store to begin the exciting journey of finding 'your scent'!