Top Three Reasons to Buy A Decant Fragrance

When you start to decide to buy a new perfume or cologne, we believe it just makes sense (or scents?) to explore all your options. It's no secret that fragrance purchases from the major department stores can cost your hundreds of dollars for one bottle! Why limit yourself to one bottle of fragrance? Below is what we believe is the top three reasons for buying a decant fragrance from us:


Our inventory of fragrances from the original manufacturers runs in the thousands of dollars. We buy large quantities of perfume and cologne and hand decant them in to stylish bottles in three convenient sizes. Buy a variety of 10 decant bottles and you could be paying less than one bottle at the department store!


Who wants to haul around a large bottle of cologne or perfume in a purse or gym back? With a lot of fragrances, the projection will die off within 6 to 8 hours. Throw a decant in your car or backpack and bring your scent back to full strength in seconds. People WILL notice that you took the time to smell your best!


We believe this is the top reason to purchase decant fragrances. Why limit yourself to one scent? Spend less and get more. You don't have to wear the same scent for work that you are wearing on a date. Build your collection and choose from 20 different fragrances that match your situation and mood. With bottle sizes that range from 45 to 150 sprays, we believe that you can build a cologne or perfume collection that you will be proud of!

Please visit our store and we keep these three key points in mind. We would love to earn you business and we are sure that you will come back again and again!