Perfume Decants....Why they make sense!

Read on to find out why we believe that buying a perfume decants is a smart purchase.

What the heck is a perfume decant?

Maybe we should start at the beginning. Decanting perfume is a simple process. We buy large quantities of today's hottest perfumes at bulk discounts and split them up in to smaller doses. The advantage to this is two-fold:

  1. We pass the savings on to you!
      • Enjoy the benefits of our volume, wholesale discounts. We are buying fragrances at a high-volume at prices that most average consumers never see.
    2. Build THE ultimate perfume collection!
      • We have yet to meet the woman that has only ONE perfume on her dresser. Of course, women have their favorite perfumes. It's human nature to settle on a scent that we believe matches us perfectly. If you are the type of personality who wants multiple fragrances for season, mood, attitude, the perfume decants are for you! 

    Are you telling me I can have 10 perfumes?

    Absolutely! Why pay $400 for a bottle of one perfume when you can spend a fraction of that on 10 to 20 different perfume decants? We believe that this is the greatest benefit of perfume decants; the ability to build a massive collection of fragrances. Throw them in your purse or gym back, our glass bottle atomizers are the perfect travel accessory to make sure you are always smelling your best!

    In conclusion, perfume decants make sense on a lot of different levels. Please look at our best sellers and see what your fellow fragrance lovers are adding to their collections at the highest pace!