Perfume and Cologne Decants and Splits?

What's the deal with decants?

We are surprised to learn that most people don't realize what a cologne and perfume decant is. Perhaps that's because we are in the business and assume that most people understand the definition but maybe we should go ahead and define it:


verb: decant; 3rd person present: decants; past tense: decanted; past participle: decanted; gerund or present participle: decanting
gradually pour (liquid, typically wine or a solution) from one container into another, especially without disturbing the sediment.
In the simplest terms, the process of decanting is taking a large, manufacturer bottle of cologne or perfume and dividing it in to smaller doses.

Samples, Splits and Decants?

This process of decanting goes by many different names. You will see some people use the aptly-named termed "splits" while others will refer to the final product as a "sample". All of these are correct and fall under the umbrella of what we do at We make affordable some of the hottest pefumes and colognes through our decanting process.

Why should I buy decant fragrances?

We obviously can't tell you how to spend your money! However, we'd like to point out that purchasing smaller sized colognes and perfumes allows you to grow a collection of fragrances your friends will envy.

If you are a guy, imagine spending one day wearing Creed Aventus and the next wearing Green Irish Tweed. End the week at the club with Invictus or 1 Million cologne. All of these can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a full bottle of cologne. 

Women will love the fact that within one week they can afford to wear Black Orchid Tom Ford or Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior. The possibilities are endless with our affordable decants. Never wear the same fragrance two days in row and you've done so without breaking the bank!

Why buy from WhatsMyScent?

We honestly believe that we are the best seller of decant fragrances on the Internet today. If you compare prices to some of the most popular sellers today, you will find that we beat their prices. As always, we like to say "you don't have to break the bank to smell like a million bucks!"

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