J'adore Perfume Review


Simplicity often hides an extreme sophistication. J’adore is a perfect harmony between former and modern perfumery: the most beautiful essences and natural flower absolutes in a modern writing. No matter how magical it is, J’adore is above all an art of raw material.

ABOUT J'adore Perfume:

SCENT: If you are a floral fan, you need to look no further than J'adore from the house of Christian Dior. It is a well-balanced bouquet that plays light on the nose but leaves a lasting impression. Consisting of Ylang Ylang from Comoro Island with Damascus rose and jasmine, this is truly a scent for a distinguished woman. Soft and clean, you can't ask for much more than this in a perfume.

LONGEVITY: The sillage on this perfume is well above average. You will get 8 to 10 hours of strong scent through two to three sprays. You will want to carry our decant of J'adore with you so you can freshen up while at work or dinner. With the heavy price tag on a full bottle of this one, we believe our affordable decant bottles make sense.

Final Rating:

WMS Rating: 9.5 out of 10


If you'd like to a decant of J'adore by Christian Dior for yourself and see if this is indeed YOUR signature scent, you can find it in our store at an affordable price. One of the hottest and heaviest marketed perfumes out there, it truly is a winner!