Fragrance Decant Sellers - Aren't They All The Same?

Of course we feel like we are the best at what we do. That doesn't mean that we aren't trying to constantly improve, it just means that we have paid attention to the gaps in performance of our competitors and have addressed those in our business model.

There are A LOT of different places for you to buy cologne and fragrance decants (sometimes referred to as "splits"). Here is a short list of why we think we rise above the others.

Order Processing:

One of the biggest complaints of our competitors is the amount of time it takes for their decants to ship. It might bear repeating, if you didn't realize it already, that cologne and perfume, even in decant sizes, are considered hazardous materials by the major shipping companies. They are only legally allowed to ship via ground transportation.

Consider the amount of time it takes for a package making a trip from LA to New York via ground transport to be delivered. Even though packages move 24 hours a day and on weekends, this can still be a five day delivery time. Wouldn't it be nice if that five days started just an hour or two after your order was completed?

This is where we believe we shine! Our orders have a 98% same day shipping rate. We get it to the trucks faster so you get your package faster! Isn't that what we all have come to expect in the 21st Century? 


Without naming names, I have personally bought cologne samples from online sources that are obviously clones. Imagine the amount of money that these unscrupulous people are making! Decanting from a $25 bottle of cologne and selling it as if it is a $400 bottle. Talk about profits! There have been a few of these vendors go by the way-side because it's only a matter of time before their reputation as cheats gets spread far and wide. 

We have 100% authentic,hand-decanted cologne and perfume. Our fragrances are stored in a temperature-controlled environment in air tight containers. From the first spray of the bottle to the final, you will have the highest quality of fragrance possible. We believe that if we can get you as a customer once, we can earn your business back for a second time!


We field communications from our customers daily from questions about products, order tracking, and even about when and where to wear our scents! 

We truly believe that if we put the customer first, they will be a customer for life. We like to say that we have two rules: 

  1. "The Customer is Always Right"
  2. "If the Customer is Ever Wrong, Refer to Rule 1"

In Conclusion:

We know you have options...some good, some bad for the reasons we have pointed out above. We hope that your future cologne and perfume decant purchases will be made through us!