Best Selling Fragrances for December 2017

A quick look at what our top 5 selling overall decants were for December. These are the products our customers decided to add to their fragrance collection at the highest rate.  


1.) Aventus by Creed (for him):

Always a fan favorite, Aventus by Creed remains in the top spot of total sales for December. There will be plenty of guys heading in to 2018 wearing this cologne from our convenient decants.

2.) Decadence by Marc Jacobs (for her)Decadence Perfume Sample

Cracking the top five for the first time ever, Decadence actually rose to our number 2 seller for the month. Word is spreading on this very versatile perfume and our customers are taking notice! 

3.) Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf (for her)Flowerbomb Perfume Sample

A regular in our top 5, Flowerbomb remained at number 3 in sales this month. A sample of this fresh smelling perfume makes sense. Take it with you to work or the works anywhere.

4.) Green Irish Tweed by Creed (for him)Green Irish Tweed Decant

Green Irish Tweed by Creed actually tied for our number 4 spot this month. Sales have been strong for GIT for several months in a row. You will see it rise on the charts as we get closer to spring. It's a classic for a reason! Try a sample of this cologne today. You won't be disappointed!

5.) Bombshell by Victoria's Secret (for her)Bombshell Perfume

Tied with Green Irish Tweed cologne, Bombshell by Victoria's Secret was a popular gift this year. We saw men buying this for their partners at record pace. A lot of women are wearing Bombshell perfume today thanks to their significant other and our convenient trial bottles.